Dragon Ball Super TCG Georgia

Starter Battle Dragonball Super Store Celebrations

Win Condition Games is hosting a Store Celebration for Dragonball Super!
Format: Sealed
Start Time: 05:30 PM
Entry: $25
Participation – Power Booster: Celebrations x1
– Event Pack 05 x1
1st Place – Pack of Dragonball Super Sleeves

Swiss rounds with no cut to top 8. Rounds are best of 1. $25 entry gets you choice of a starter deck, expert deck or Magnificent Collection and 4 booster packs which you will use to play with in this tournament.

Series 9: Universal Onslaught Pre-Release

Dragonball Super Series 9: Universal Onslaught Pre-Release is coming to Win Condition Games!
Date: 02.09.20
Time: 05:30 PM
Entry: $25
Where: Win Condition Games
Series 9 Booster Pack x1 for Participation
Top 8: Dragonball Super Deck Box

Players who purchase a Booster Box on during Pre-Release get a dash pack!

Series 9: Universal Onslaught Pre-Release Kit:
・Series 9 Booster Pack x6
・Pre-Release Pack x2
237 Types Total!
・Common (normal/foil) x60
・Uncommon (normal/foil) x30
・Rare x18
・Super Rare x16
・Special Rare x10
・Reboot Leader Rare x5
・Iconic Attack Rare x5
・Secret Rare x3