Welcome to a new series developed especially for new Netrunner players at Win Condition Games: Standing on the Servers of Giants. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be putting together a collection of articles to give new Netrunner players a leg-up in their understanding of that awesome game. The goal is to not only help new players get up to speed and be competitive, but also help established players get a better understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of Netrunner.

But before we get started, a question:

What’s the biggest card game in the world? Hopefully that’s an easy one for you to answer. It’s Magic the Gathering, and by a wide margin. Whether in terms of player count, profitability, card pool, social impact, or tournament scene, Magic is the king.

Why is this important for an article about Netrunner strategy? Because the sheer size and longevity of Magic means that there is a larger, and deeper library of theory and strategy to learn from. And make no mistake, understanding the theoretical core of your game makes you a better player. In fact, other than drafting, I can’t think of a single thing that has helped improve my game more than understanding theory.

And that’s the goal of this series too. By the end, readers should be able to say they understand, and are improved, in the following areas:

  1. The ability to better evaluate cards
  2. The ability to better build decks
  3. The ability to make better decisions inside games

But we’re not going to start from scratch. No sir! We’re going to reach back into history of Magic the Gathering, find the best theory articles, and see how those concepts apply to Netrunner. So stay tuned to this page. We’ll keep it updated and linked as your one-stop shop for the entire series.

And if there are specific questions you want addressed, sound off in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Standing on the Servers of Giants: Catalog

The Breakdown of Theory: The Three Stages of Netrunner
Finding the Tinker Deck: Part I – Corp Archetypes
Finding the Tinker Deck: Part II – Runner Archetypes
Who’s the Beatdown: Understanding Scoring Windows
Clear the Land and the Fundamental Turn: Understanding Click Compression


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