Editors Note: This week’s article is brought to you by Vincent Daniels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Vincent. 

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths hits Arena and Magic: Online tomorrow, and with most of us being quarantined in one way or another, that is our key source of playing magic right now. With multiple release events happening this weekend on those platforms, I had to get my brewing fairly early and I think I’ve found some pretty sick tools from this set; with some being great additions to the current top decks and others creating new archetypes just by themselves.

The most breakout and obvious card to me is Sea-Dasher Octopus. Normally a 2/2 with flash for 3 mana that when it deals a player damage you draw a card isn’t anything to gawk at, but with the set’s new mechanic, mutate, it can also act as a flash enchantment on any evasive creature. Paired with counter spells and non-human evasive creatures this card becomes a house.

Not too long ago mono blue tempo ruled the skies and standard, even winning a Pro-tour in the hands of Autumn Burchett. Alas, all good things had to come to an end with the rotation of Ixilan losing key cards such as curious obsession and siren storm tamer, both with Ikoria maybe a similar deck can once again take wings (get it.) So here’s my first iteration of a deck involving the new hotness.

UwU Tempo: by Vincent Daniels

Creatures: (20)
Brazen Borrower
Brineborn Cutthroat
Sea-Dasher Octopus
Spectral Sailor

Instant and Sorceries: (17)
Dovin’s Veto
Mystical Dispute

Enchantments: (4)
Staggering Insight

Lands: (19)
Hallowed Fountain
10 Island
Temple of Enlightenment
Sideboard: (15)
Aether Gust
Devout Decree
Ominous Seas
Teferi, Time Raveler

Few key things you’ll notice about the list is, you’re lacking a card like storm tamer to protect your creatures, some people have opted (heh) to play cards like god’s willing, but in such a slim deck I want all my cards to do something. The next thing you’ll notice is we have 2 curiosity effects in the deck and 2 is always better than 1. Theros beyond death gave us a toy in this deck as well in the form of Staggering Insight, the card gave us a much needed effect that the previous deck lacked a way to fight the hyper aggressive deck, the previous mono blue list leaned on cards like diamond mare to be able to race the ever looming Goblin Chainwhirler decks of the time.

I fully believe this deck is very well equipped to face down other week one brews, while it semi-lacks the ability to face down permanents that somehow got through our plethora of counterspells. It has the ability to race just about any other deck and protect yourself with said plethora of counter spells. When I’m queuing for the day 1 mfoq using the promo WIN CONDITION GAMES this is the deck I’ll be playing and the deck I recommend you play as well to survive in the lair of week one brews.

Now here’s a little sideboard guide as a treat

U/W/X control/mirror
-4 brazen borrower
-4 opt
+1 island
+3 teferi
+4 ominous seas

The game plan here is to either resolve an early seas or put a creature out there early and suit him up and protect him, cutting opt seems a bit counteractive to our seas game plan, but in reality opt isn’t a good card in this match up

R/b/x sac cat/mono red
-4 mystical dispute
-2 dovin’s veto
-1 neutralize
+4 devout decree
+3 aether gust

Mayhem devil and act of treason effects is close to the only card you’re really spooked of in this match up, Cat/oven bad vs every creature but brine borne in your deck. mono red is a bye.

Reclamation decks
-4 opt
-2 brine borne
+3 aether gust
+3 teferi

Once again opt is being cut as it’s kind of a filler card, gust alongside borrower is good at answering reclamations, gust can also answer fry which can be annoying.

Sultai midrange
-3 opt
+3 aether gust

This deck is fairly simple to beat counter big things kill with small things

-3 opt
+3 aether gust

Matchup is fine as long as they don’t sneak a fires/teferi in, all their threats are expensive.