Hello everyone,

Earlier this week I looked at the Top 5 new Kaldheim cards ranked by deck win rate. Today I will look at the top 5 new cards by win rate when the card is played in a game.

The data for this article comes from Untapped.gg. I personally use Untapped.gg companion app for my data tracking. It provides many data points of information that are helpful in determining how to play and use cards. For this article, I am using the following set of minimum criteria.

First, that the card has seen play in at least 10,000 games on Arena. Second, the win rate for the card when it is played in a match. Each of these cards when played has over a 60% win-rate. Third, that the card is new, not a reprint. For example, Disdainful Stroke is one of the most popularly play and most successful cards from Kaldheim, but it is a reprint, so I have not included it on this list.

This list includes some of the most powerful cards in the set and those that received a lot of hype during preview season.

#5 Kaya the Inexorable

At number five on our list is Kaya the Inexorable. Kaya is a typical five mana planeswalker. Below are her abilities.

+1: Put a ghostform counter on up to one target nontoken creature. It gains “When this creature dies or is put into exile, return it to its owner’s hand and create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.”
−3: Exile target nonland permanent.
−7: You get an emblem with “At the beginning of your upkeep, you may cast a legendary spell from your hand, from your graveyard, or from among cards you own in exile without paying its mana cost.”

Kaya does two things that are valued in the game. She protects your creatures by returning a creature to your hand when it has a ghostform counter on it, plus creates a 1/1 white Spirit creature token and can exile a target nonland permanent. These abilities make Kaya playable in a wide variety of decks and like the other cards on this list playing Kaya in a match usually leads to a win.

#4 Goldspan Dragon

I love this card. While decks overall have a positive win rate with Goldspan Dragon in the deck, I think this data may be a little miss leading because the Izzet Tempo deck used Goldspan Dragon. The best of three Izzet Tempo has performed well, but the limitations of best of one make the deck much less successful in this format.

What makes Goldspan Dragon a card I am very excited about is the overall power of the card. While it cost five mana to cast, you get back two of that mana almost immediately because when Goldspan Dragon attacks you create a treasure token. This allows you to cast a spell during combat or after combat.

In my own game play experience, playing Goldspan Dragon usually wins the game in a turn or two. I’m playing three copies of Goldspan Dragon in my Mono-Red deck. In games I cast Goldspan Dragon, two things usually happen. First, I have the mana available to cast Embercleave onto Goldspan Dragon or another creature. Second, my opponents have no answer to a 4/4 flying creature, so the game ends on the turn I play Goldspan Dragon or the turn after.

Goldspan Dragon currently is the most played of all the new cards from Kaldheim. I expect that as the format develops more you will see more of Goldspan Dragon in competitive decks as a top end of the curve finisher.

As a side note, if you are run red in your deck you might want to consider using Thunder Rebuke as a removal card in your main deck or sideboard because it can kill Goldspan Dragon.

#3 Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider

Green decks got another top end finisher in Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. Decks playing Vorinclex only have a win rate in the high 40s, but the win rate rises significantly when Vorinclex enters the battlefield. Vorinclex is a 6/6 legendary creature. This makes Vorinclex a great top end finisher. His toughness makes it difficult for players to remove him from the battlefield without a board wipe or direct removal spell. Red and blue decks are at a significant disadvantage against Vorinclex.

Vorinclex has two key word abilities that help to explain the very high win rate: trample and haste. This lets Vorinclex attack on the turn you play it and even if Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider gets blocked, some damage will get through. This leads to wins on the turn Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider is played or the turn after.

When Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider finds a good home, players will need to have ways of removing it before Vorinclex brings home a victory. Some version of green ramp makes the most sense, but we will see how the format develops.

#2 Koma, Cosmos Serpent

Koma has seen a large number of games of played. This illustrates how powerful players view the card. Unfortunately, the results do not bear out player confidence in Koma. Decks that have Koma win at well below 50%. What keeps players using Koma is the incredible win rate when you get to play Koma. Basically, casting Koma, Cosmos Serpent is nearly a guaranteed win. Just like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is when it gets cast.

#1 Alrund’s Epiphany

Alrund’s Epiphany is the latest blue spell that gives a player another turn. Like those in the past, the mana cost is high, but the ability to fortell Alrund’s Epiphany lets you cast it for only six mana. It also creates two 1/1 blue bird creature tokens with flying. This gives you some additional ability to attack your opponent to finish games.

The data shows that once you cast Alrund’s Epiphany you will most likely win the game, so I expect more decks to find a place for a few copies of it. Any card that gives your opponent that feeling of inevitability that they will lose the match has to be considered a strong card that should find a home in control and some mid-range decks.

That’s it for today. Do you feel that these are the best cards from Kaldheim or has standard simply not caught up to these powerful cards?

Until next time, good luck finding your win condition!!