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Today I want to look at the best performing cards from Kaldheim through the first week of the February season. Kaldheim has brought several powerful cards to standard that have begun shaping game play. I will over two articles look at the top five cards based on deck win rate and by card win rate. The first list will focus on overall deck win rate with the card in the deck while the second will focus the best cards if they get played in a game. I’m using best-of-one data from Untapped.gg to determine which cards are performing the best. I will not include reprints in the list. The first article will focus on overall deck win rate.

I personally use Untapped.gg companion app for my data tracking. It provides many data points of information that are helpful in determining how to play and use cards. I will share in the article data that is publicly available. For this article, I am using the following set of minimum criteria. First, that the card has seen play in at least 2000 games. Second, the win rate for the deck the card will be part of determining which cards are the best.


The top 5 cards by win rate surprised me some. I thought that we would see other more hyped cards finding success in decks early in the season. Here’s the Top 5.

5. Reidane, God of the Worthy

Reidane was one of the hyped cards from the set and so far, it has lived up to expectations. Decks playing Reidane have won over 55% of their games played. I think this has a lot to do with the growing power of Mono-White decks in best of one. White has a strong group of one and two drop creatures that can flood the battlefield early and then Reidane can provide protection for them with her abilities. Many decks have decided to run snow lands over basic lands so her ability to require that snow lands enter the battlefield tapped can prevent an opponent from curving out once Reidane, God of the Worthy is in play. Also, the two-mana tax on non-creature cards that cost more than four mana further slows deck with expensive enchantments, sorceries, and artifacts.

It will be interesting to see if Reidance becomes a larger or smaller part of Mono-White deck builds, because Reidance decks have a lower win rate than other versions of Mono-White.

4. Old-Growth Troll

When I saw the preview for Old-Growth Troll, I knew this would be a good card, but I did not think that it might be the best card in the set from a playability standpoint. The numbers so far are very promising. Decks with Old-Growth Troll are winning over 55% of the time and that rate rises when Old-Growth Troll is cast in a match.

Mono-Green needed another three drop to help its curve and Old-Growth Troll looks like the perfect fix. Once Throne of Eldraine rotates out of standard in the fall, Old-Growth Troll should become the best green three drop in standard.

3. Usher of the Fallen

Usher of the Fallen is the only uncommon on either of the Top 5 lists. For one mana you get a 2/1 spirit warrior that can boast for two mana and creature a 1/1 Human Warrior token. White Weenie decks are the perfect home for Usher of the Fallen because it allows you to get an aggressive card on the battlefield on turn one and then it uses extra mana throughout the game.

Decks with Usher of the Fallen are winning at over 55% which makes them some of the best in standard. The cards versatility allows it to work in other aggressive decks like Boros Warriors. Expect to see this card in many decks because a 2/1 one drop has traditionally been good in standard.

2. Sigrid, God-Favored

Sigrid, God Favored comes in at #2 on the list. Having a creature that can flash into play in white does not happen often. Having on that also has a powerful enter the battlefield ability can swing games in your favor quickly. When Sigrid, God Favored enters the battlefield you get to exile one attacking or blocking creature. This allows you to remove from combat your opponent’s best creature and gives you another blocker when your opponent attacks. Sigrid has first strike and protection from god creatures, so Sigrid is an effect blocker and can kill small creatures in combat.

As the Mono-White Aggro deck continues to evolve, I think that Sigrid will become a main stay in the deck because of Sigrid, God Favored enter the battlefield ability.

#1 Halvar, God of Battle

Finally, at number 1 is Halvar, God of Battle. He was one of the first cards previewed in the set. This gave deck builders plenty of time to consider how best to use Halvar and the other side of this modal double-sided card. Both halves of the card fit nicely into Mono-White decks. Halvar, God of Battle lets you move between creatures’ auras and equipment that are in play at the beginning of each combat. This includes your opponents turn. This allows you to move a Maul of the Skyclave from a creature that attacked to one that will block. Plus, Halvar gives your enchanted and equipped creatures double strike making them powerful attackers and blockers.

Finally, as a modal doubled faced card Sword of the Realms give you a quality equipment spell when you don’t have enough mana to cast Halvar or already have one in play.

That the top 5 so far for new cards in winning decks. Next time I will look at the Top 5 Cards by played win rate.

Until next time, good luck finding your win condition!!