Over the last two days, over forty new cards from Throne of Eldraine have been previewed. Among the previews were several interesting knights, some of the nobles of Eldraine, more Faerie, a few elves, and potentially powerful instants and sorceries. Below is my take on the cards that I think will have the most impact on Standard.

Two of the nobles previewed standout: Charming Prince and Kenrith, the Returned King.

Charming Prince is a bear that has a valuable enter the battlefield trigger. When Charming Prince enters the battlefield, you choose one of the following: scry 2, gain 3 life, or exile a creature and return it to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step. I see the scry or life gain as the most valuable of the option, but there may be times when exiling a creature makes sense. Cards with the variety of options that Charming Prince has typically see Standard play. If a Mono-White deck does come together, Charming Prince look like a good fit.

The second noble is Kenrith, the Returned King. Kenrith is a five mana 5/5 human noble who can impact game play through abilities. Each activation is a key ability of each color type. Kenrith looks like a commander in the making. How much standard play he see will depend on the speed of the metagame. I do expect to see him in Brawl decks as a good commander option.

Feather decks were looking for a replacement for Reckless Rage and Joust might be that card. It does not have the power of Reckless Rage, but it does give you a red sorcery that allows one of your creatures to fight another creature. When that creature is a knight it gets +2/+1. Finding a good knight or two for the deck will determine how much it gets played with Feather.

Green decks got a new search card that should help these decks get access to the creatures and land they need to play their game more effectively. Once Upon a Time lets you look at the top five cards of your library and take a land or creature from among them. The key to the card is its ability to be played at no cost if it is the first spell you cast in the game. Having Once Upon a Time in your opening hand will allow you the get a free search before you make your first play. This will help any hand that is light on land or creatures. I expect the card to be used in Standard and Modern. It might even see play in legacy formats.

A new creature to add include in green decks is Wildborn Preserver. This card fits nicely into the Simic or Bant Flash deck. In addition to having flash and reach, it can add +1/+1 counter to itself when you cast a non-human creature. This means that you can grow Wildborn Preserver when you have extra mana that you can not use on a turn. This will work particularly well in the Simic shell where you want to hold on to your mana and cast creatures on your opponent’s turn.

One of the most powerful cards of the day is Questing Beast. This legendary creature has three key word abilities: vigilance, deathtouch, and haste. This alone would make it a powerful creature, but his other abilities make Questing Beast a potential monster in the format. First, Questing Beast can not be blocked by creatures with less than two power. Second, combat damage dealt by creatures can not be prevented. Finally, when Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to a target planeswalker that player controls. These abilities make Questing Beast a four mana cost creature that belongs in any green deck.

The best red card over the last two days is Robber of the Rich. A take on the Robin Hood tale that allows you to take cards from your opponent deck and cast them. It is like Thief of Sanity, but all Robber of the Rich must do is attack when your opponent has more cards in their hand then you do to activate this ability. I expect Robber of the Rich to make it into the latest version of Mono-Red Aggro because of its aggressiveness and its ability to gain card advantage while potentially taking away pieces of your opponent’s game plan.

Black gets a new board wipe with Witch’s Vengeance. It cost the same as Cry of the Carnarium but gives creatures -3/-3 rather than -2/-2. This can take down more creatures, but it does not exile them when they die, so Cry may still be the preferred option against low to the ground aggro decks.

Each day we get additional knights to consider for a knights’ tribal deck. Today’s previews included Worthy Knight and Murderous Rider. Both look like good fits for the deck. Worthy Knight is a 2/2 creature for two mana. Its ability creates a 1/1 human token when a knight spell is cast. This give it value beyond its body. Spawning creatures when you cast a spell is a powerful aggressive strategy that can overwhelm an opponent quickly. If a Mono-White deck develops, Worthy Knight looks like a good fit. Murderous Rider is Murder with a body. Rider’s adventure, Swift End, destroys a creature or a planeswalker for three mana. This makes Murderous Rider a must in knight decks because it gives you additional removal. Additionally, when you cast Rider as a creature you get a 2/3 body with lifelink that goes to the bottom of your deck when it dies.

Until next time. Good luck finding your win condition!