Yesterday I looked at the best black, white, and artifact cards from the spoilers from last week. Today I will look at red, blue, and green cards.


In red, four playable cards were revealed. Mono-Red decks have been looking for replacements for the creatures and spells rotating out of the format with the arrival of Throne of Eldraine. The previews over the last few days have given us several creatures that fit into an updated Mono-Red build. The new creatures in order of casting cost are Fervent Champion, Seven Dwarves, and Bonecrusher Giant.

Fervent Champion is a great replacement for Fanatical Firebrand. This knight costs one red mana and gives you an aggressive creature with first strike and haste. These stats alone make it a good card, but you also get two abilities. First, when Fervent Champion attacks, another target Knight you control gets +1/+0 until the end of turn. In Mono-Red, I do not anticipate being knight heavy, but there will be several knights in the decks, so this buff can make the difference in games. Fervent Champion’s second ability reduces the cost of equipping him by three. While I don’t see Mono-Red using many equipment spells, having this ability makes including them an option in the deck.

Seven Dwarves is a take on the Snow White story. This 2/2 for two mana can become a very large creature. It gets +1/+1 for each other copy of Seven Dwarves in play. What makes this ability powerful is that you can have seven copies of it in your deck. With seven copies in your deck, each copy of Seven Dwarves can easily before a 4/4 or greater over the course of a game. Whether Mono-Red has enough spots for seven copies of it will determine how much it sees play, but with removal like Legion’s End playing seven copies could make it an easy target for removal. Overall, I like the flavor of the card, but I’m not sure how much we will see it in Top Tier standard decks with cards like Run Away Steam-Kin as alternatives in the format.

Bonecrusher Giant is the three drop that Mono-Red Aggro needed to be an option in standard. This giant has an adventure at instant speed for two mana that stops effects like Root Snare and God’s Willing. When you cast Stomp, it deals two damage to any target and damage can’t be prevented this turn. Then when you cast Bonecrusher Giant, you get a 4/3 creature for three mana and it has an ability that makes using removal to kill him costly. When he is the target of a spell, he does two damage to that spell’s controller. In the early game, I expect Bonecrusher Giant will be cast as a creature, but in the late game his adventure makes him a powerful play that can finish games. He is a must in a Mono-Red deck.

Our final red card from last week is Barge In. This instant for one red mana gives one of your creatures +2/+2 and your non-Human creatures trample until the end of the turn. This looks like a good card to slot into Boros Feather. With this ability you can give Tenth District Legionnaire the +2/+2 and then Feather and friends have trample to the end of the turn. This can make the difference in a game by getting through additional damage.


Blue got several new creatures that work well with what blue decks want to do. The first is Gadwick, the Wizened. This human wizard is a card draw engine that helps protect you from creatures. Gadwick cost X plus three blue mana. The key is the X cost. For each mana you spend beyond the required blue mana, you get to draw a card. When you have extra mana sinking it into Gadwick can refill your hand. His second ability allows you to tap a target nonland permanent an opponent controls when you cast a blue spell. This gives Gadwick additional value once he is in play.

Casting a spell like Opt on your opponent’s turn allows you to tap the largest treat your opponent has and on your turn, it can clear a blocker. Either way, this ability prevents damage or enables you to do more damage. I see Gadwick finding his way into control and ramp decks for his card advantage and tapping ability.

Hypnotic Sprite is the first blue Faerie I am excited about from Throne of Eldraine. During the first season of Core Set 2020 on Arena, I piloted an Azorius Fliers deck to Mythic level. With rotation, that deck loses a few key low-cost creatures. Hypnotic Sprite looks like a good replacement option because of its adventure Mesmeric Glare. This instant allows you to counter a target spell with converted mana cost 3 or less. Since many of the most played cards in standard cost three or less Mesmeric Glare gives you the ability to counter a card like Teferi, Time Raveler and later cast Hypnotic Sprite to put an evasive threat on the battlefield. Expect to see Hypnotic Sprite in control decks and those that want a versatile card that can counter a spell and provide a threat.

The final blue creature is Vantress Gargoyle. This is a 5/4 creature for a colorless and a blue mana. Think about that for a minute! It’s not that often that we get this powerful of a card for only two mana. What prevents Vantress Gargoyle from being insane is that your opponent must have seven or more cards in their graveyard for it to attack and you must have four or more cards in your hand to use it as a blocker. He does have the ability to tap and cause each player put the top card of their library in to their graveyard. This allows you to push your opponent’s graveyard to the seven cards you need for it to attach. With all the decks that play graveyard matters in the format, Vantress Gargoyle looks like an all-star play for against these decks. I can see it in decks like Kethis Combo or Dimir Control.

Two blue other blue cards stand out: Stolen by the Fae and The Magic Mirror. Stolen by the Fae allows you to return a target creature to its owner’s hand and you get to create X 1/1 blue Faerie creature tokens with flying, where X equals the converted mana cost of the creature. I like the idea of removing a creature from the battle field and getting creatures in return. In the mid to late game, Stolen by the Fae can send your opponent’s best creature back to his hand and creature a strong board in return. We do not see cards like this very often. I expect players to experiment with it in a variety of decks to find a good home for it. I think Azorius Fliers and Esper Control make interesting potential homes for Stolen by the Fae.

The Magic Mirror is a legendary artifact for six colorless mana and three blue mana. At first glance, the card looks unplayable because of its casting cost, but it costs one less for each instant and sorcery in your graveyard. This makes it not only playable, but a valuable piece in the right deck. The Magic Mirror’s ability gives you card advantage starting the turn after it comes into play. At the beginning of your upkeep, put a knowledge counter on The Magic Mirror, then draw a card for each knowledge counter on the Magic Mirror. After a few turns on the battlefield, it will draw you a new hand each turn. Izzet Phoenix looks like a good home for The Magic Mirror, but I expect control decks to try it as well as a one or two of in a deck.

The final card for this article is Grumgully, the Generous. This goblin shaman is a 3/3 creature for one colorless, a green, and a red mana. What makes him standout is his ability. With Grumgully on the battlefield, each other non-Human creature you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it. Gruul already has riot as a keyword ability to give a creature haste or a +1/+1 counter. Riot plus Grumgully makes low cost creatures that make up the core of the Gruul Midrange deck great values. Gruul Spellbreaker could be a 5/5 for 3 mana or Zhur-Taa Goblin a 4/4 for two mana. In addition, you have cards like Incubation Druid and Growth-Chamber Guardian. When Incubation Druid enters play with Grumgully on the battlefield, its ability to produce three mana will be activated. Growth-Chamber Guardian immediately will give you the opportunity to get another Growth-Chamber Guardian from your deck making it possible for you to loop through all four in two turns. Expect to see Grumgully playing with his new friends form the Rubblebelt.

That’s all for today.

Until next time. Good luck finding your win condition!