With Day 1 of Mythic Championship III completed, it is time to see how each architype performed. OF the sixty-four Day 1 competitors, twelve advanced to Day 2 joining the four MPL division winners. For our purposes, I eliminated the four MPL division winner decks from this analysis. The four MPL winners are Brad Nelson playing Esper Control, Brian Braun-Duin playing Esper Hero, Rei Sato playing Boros Aggro, and Ken Yukuhiro playing Bant Ramp.

Esper Control had the most Day 1 decks with sixteen and four advanced to Day 2 for a 25% conversion rate. The second largest architype submitted was Esper Hero with eight Day 1 players, but only one advanced to Day 2 for a 12% conversion rate. Esper decks accounted for 38% of Day 1 decks and will represent seven of the sixteen Day 2 decks, so while the Hero deck preformed poorly on Day 1 Esper will still have the lions share of Day 2 play.

The big winner of Day 1 was the Aggro decks. Mono-Red and White Aggro variants had ten Day 1 players. Two Red and two white decks advanced to Day 2, an impressive 40% conversion rate for each deck. With Rei Sato’s Boros Aggro waiting for Day 2, five of the sixteen Day 2 players will be looking to overwhelm and go under the other Day 2 competition.

The biggest loser of Day 1 were Izzet Phoenix and Bant Ramp. Phoenix saw one of nine decks advance and Bant Ramp did not advance a single player to Day 2. The overall deck makeup for the tournament left both strategies at a disadvantage. Both had performed well over the past few weeks against more diverse competion, but the much higher percentage of control and White Aggro did them in. We will have to see if they can do better on Day 2 with one of each deck in the Sweet 16.

Simic decks hold the final two Day 2 spots. 50% of Simic decks advanced. Showing that the deck still holds a strong position in the format.

Day 2 will see more great competition. The player structure for Day 2 is different than Day 1. Today you will see a double elimination tournament. It will be interesting to see how players adapt to this format. Don’t be surprised if only one Esper deck makes it into the Final 4. In think the competition is well placed to take down Esper.

Until next time, good luck finding your win condition.