Monday, I wrote about the need for the modal double-faced cards in standard. Having access to spells that are also a land is an important addition to standard. Having a way to add additional lands to a deck without giving up spell slots should help a wide variety of decks and hopeful reduce the number of games that are decided by mana problems.
Here are the cards in Black, Red, and Green I feel have the potential to find a place in standard.


Agadeem’s Awakening is similar to Gruesome Menagerie from Guilds of Ravnica. The difference is that you can potentially bring back from the graveyard creatures that cost more than three mana, if you have the mana to spend. A copy or two in a Mono-Black Aggro deck can refill the board with creatures late in the game.

Blackbloom Rogue is another one of the creature cards in the set that gets bigger when an opponent has eight or more cards in their graveyard. With the wide variety of ways that blue and black can get cards into an opponent’s graveyard, Blackbloom Rogue is nice addition to a rogue deck.

Hagra Mauling is a four-mana removal spell that can get one mana cheaper if an opponent controls no basic lands. This is perfect for commander decks and has a chance to get the cost reduction in standard. More importantly, it gives you another removal spell that has a use against any type of deck.

Malakir Rebirth is a replacement for Kaya’s Ghostform, but rather than attaching it to a creature as an enchantment Malakir Rebirth is an instant. The downside to the card is that it costs two life, but having the ability to save a creature at any time is a powerful ability. I think Malakir Rebirth has a home in any black aggro deck.


Akoum Warrior is not the best creature, but in the late game having a creature with trample could be the difference between winning and losing.

Kazuul’s Fury is Fling for three mana. Fling is not played often, but having the ability to Fling Anex at an opponent late in the game might be enough to get the card into decks, but Fling is simple better.

Shatterskull Smashing gives red a card that might be able to deal with some of the largest creatures in standard, if there is enough mana to allow the damage to reach six or more. If this was not attached to a land it would not see any play because the rate of damage to cost is to low. Volcanic Salvo from Core Set 2021 is a better option if you are playing an aggro deck because you can get the cost down to only two mana.

Spikefield Hazard is a decent one cost spell that does one damage to any target. The added benefit of any creature or planeswalker that dies this turn is exiled instead can provide a lot of value given all of the cards that escape or have good triggered abilities if they return to the battlefield from the graveyard.

Valakut Awakening is a three mana draw a card spell. You can draw an additional card for each card you discard. Red decks will want some copies of this card because it gives them away to filter better through their deck. It is not better than Light Up the Stage, but with few red card drawing options in standard I expect it will see play.


Kazandu Mammoth is a three mana 3/3 elephant with landfall. This is the best modal double-faced creature in the set. At three mana, its rate was already good. Having a land attached makes it very playable and getting +2/+2 when a land enters the battlefield under your control could lead to an insanely powerful attacker. The downside to the card is that green already has a number of good cards competing for space in the three-drop spot, but I expect players to find a way to have a few copies in their decks.

Khalni Ambush is Rabid Bite attached to a land. The extra mana does decrease the desire for the card, but having another green removal card might be just want Mono-Green Aggro decks want to win games.

Tangled Florahedron is a Llanowar Elf for one additional mana. I can see green ramp decks using it to help push out their large threats ahead of curve.

Turntimber Symbiosis allows you to look at the top seven cards of your library and put a creature card onto the battlefield. While not the best costed of the modal spells, it probably will see some play because it will allow you to put a large creature in play.

Finally, Vastwood Fortification is a one mana spell that puts a +1/+1 counter on a creature. While this is not a very powerful ability, there will be an attempt made to create a counters matter deck. Having a cheap way to add a counter to a creature that does not have one might be enough to see a few copies of Vastwood Fortification make it into that deck.

That’s a look at the modal double-faced cards. They offer a variety of spells that should find a way into decks at the start of Zendikar Rising season. How many will see significant play is yet to be determined, but I think that a few will find a home in standard.

Until next time, good luck finding your win condition!