Yesterday the Throne of Eldraine brawl decks were released. Rather than go through cards individually, I want to look at one of the two new tribal decks that the brawl deck release makes possible. Faerie and Knights are two of the brawl deck themes. With the additions from these decks and what has already been previewed, a knight tribal deck is a real possibility in post rotation standard.

Here is my first take on the deck. I did not include a sideboard because we do not know what types of decks will be prominent in the format.

Mardu Knights, Scott Trepanier

Creatures (30)
Knight of the Ebon Legion
Venerable Knight
Foulmire Knight
Inspiring Veteran
Corpse Knight
Order of Midnight
Belle of the Brawl
Midnight Reaper
Syr Conrad, the Grim

Artifacts (2)
The Circle of Loyalty

Enchantment (6)
Knight's Charge
Conclave Tribunal

Instant (2)

Land (20)
Blood Crypt
Tournament Grounds
Sacred Foundry
Godless Shrine

Game plan

Given that this is a first attempt at this list, I’m not sure how much removal will be needed post rotation, so I’m starting with a heavy creature build that will require refinement overtime.

On turn one, I want to get one of my one drop creatures on the board. Knight of the Ebon Legion has been a top performing card in vampires and a few other decks and is a perfect fix for knights tribal. The new one drops are Venerable Knight and Foulmire Knight.

Venerable Knight is a Savannah Lion with upside. When Venerable Knight dies, another creature gets a +1/+1 counter. Foulmire Knight has an adventure, so when you get it early in the game you cast it as a creature and when you get it later in the game you use its adventure Profane Insight to draw a card. Then you can cast it as a creature from exile. While neither has the power of Knight of the Ebon Legion, they provide enough extra value needed for the deck to work.

Turn two will depend on what you have in your hand. With Knight’s Charge or The Circle of Loyalty in my hand, I want to get two creatures on the field if possible. Then I can play Knight’s Charge on turn three and begin causing one point of damage for each creature that attacks and I gain one life as well.

Or play The Circle of Loyalty to give each of my creatures +1/+1. Even though Circle cost six mana, its cost is reduced by one for each knight in play. This means that you typically will cast it for two white mana and one colorless. In addition, The Circle of Loyalty can create a 2/2 knight token for 3 mana of any color and one white mana. This helps when you are playing against control decks that board whip your creatures or have extra mana available in the mid to late game.

When you lack Knight’s Charge or The Circle of Loyalty, playing either Corpse Knight or Inspiring Veteran is the appropriate play.

Corpse Knight is a 2/2 creature that does one point of damage to your opponent when a creature enters the battlefield. This can quickly run-down you opponent’s life total by just casting creatures. Inspiring Veteran is the new lord for knights. He gives each knight +1/+1. The third two drop knight is Order of Midnight. This card has an adventure that allows you to cast it as a sorcery to return a creature from your graveyard to your hand. Also, it is a 2/2 flier that gives the deck some reach against other aggro decks.

Belle of the Brawl and Midnight Reaper are the decks three drop creatures. Belle gives each knight +1/+0 when it attacks. This give the deck additional power to close out games. Reaper provides additional card draw when one of your creatures dies allowing you to quickly advance your board state. These are my early choices, but I expect other knights in the set that may be more valuable for the deck.

The final creature in the deck is Syr Konrad, the Grim. Konrad is a legendary creature that does a point of damage to your opponent each time a creature dies or is put in a graveyard. This ability falls in line with those of Knight’s Charge and Corpse Knight. Having the ability to cause incidental damage advances the decks aggressive game plan. Also, as a 5/4 creature it provides a large threat for an opponent to deal with.

The rest of the cards in the deck provide removal. Conclave Tribunal exiles any permanent from play and Mortify removes a creature or enchantment. Throne of Eldraine appears to have an enchantment focus that Mortify is a good answer too. I considered Legion’s End, but until we know more about the metagame I see it as a sideboard card for now.

Throne of Eldraine looks like a powerful set that will bring new decks into the metagame. Full previews will launch on Monday. As we see more of the set, we will get a better idea of the decks that will rise to the top of the metagame.

Until next time. Good luck finding your win condition!


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