The first group of Kaldheim previews have arrived. From the information we received so far, Kaldheim looks like the start of a heavy metal slugfest that will bring the best of Norse mythology to Magics story. We will get more detailed information about the set on January 7th at 9AM on Until then we have a few cards to look at that will give a sense of where the set will take us.

The first piece of information from the set is that two of the mechanics have been revealed. Modal double-faced cards and sagas will return in Kaldheim. Both mechanics will continue to provide interesting play options that should provide diverse game play with the set.

The exciting new type of modal double-faced card is one that has two spell options. We have seen similar cards in the past that are one sided with two spell options on them, but this is the first that has a creature on one side and an artifact on the other. Without further ado here is Halar, God of Battle/Sword of the Realms.

Halvar has two abilities that will advance any aggressive game plan. First, creatures you control that are enchanted or equipped have double strike. This has a wide variety of applications. The Mono-White Auras deck seems like a good place to start with Halvar, but I think other decks may develop around him.

The backside of Halvar is Sword of the Realms. This legendary artifact gives its user +2/+0 and vigilance plus when that equipped creature dies it returns to its owner’s hand rather than going to the graveyard. While not making a creature indestructible, it gives it the next best thing.

I am excited to try Halvar and Sword of the Realms. They make an interesting pair that has a wide variety of play options.

Also, the group of modal double-faced cards that have been released completes the dual land pathway cycle began in Zendikar Rising. Those from Zendikar Rising have seen play in a wide variety of decks and having to make a choice of which color of mana the card will provide has proven to be an interesting twist on dual lands. Here are the newest pathways.

So far, we have only seen one Saga, but this one has some interesting possibilities. Here is Showdown of the Skalds.

Chapter one exiles the top four cards of your library and you can play them until the end of your next turn. Then in chapters two and three, you get to put a +1/+1 counter on a target creature each time you cast a spell. I don’t think we will see four copies of this in decks, but a copy or two in the right deck could be a difference maker.

The final card from today is Pyre of Heroes.

My initial thought when I saw Pyre of Heroes is that it makes the perfect addition to sacrifice decks. Sacrificing a creature for two mana and getting a bigger one in return is great value when you get access to a more powerful creature. This will allow any deck to move quickly through its lower mana cost creatures and find the heavy hitters in any deck. I’m sure that someone will develop a deck around Pyre of Heroes that abuse this ability.

Until next time, good luck finding your win condition!