M20 Spoiler season is slowing coming to a close with more demons, elementals, knights, and vampires. In addition, of few instants that has standard potential and the sets final planeswalker, Vivien, Arkbow Ranger.

One of the most interesting cards from this weekend’s spoilers was Embodiment of Agonies.

For three mana, you get a flying, deathtouch demon that has power and toughness equal to the number of different mana cost among nonland cards in your graveyard. This has the potential to enter the battlefield as a very large creature, if you have played a variety of spells that have gone to the graveyard before you cast it. Otherwise, it could become a dead card in your hand. I think this card fits into a deck that does not play a large number of creatures. It might fits well into the Esper decks.

Two playable elementals arrived today in Thunderkin Awakener and Lightning Stormkin.

Thunderkin Awakener is a 1/2 elemental shaman with haste. When it attacks, you get to choose an elemental card from your graveyard that has toughness less than Awakener that is attacking. At the end of the turn you sacrifice the card you got from the graveyard. Many of the elementals from this set have only one toughness, so Awakener should find good targets for this ability.

Lightning Stormkin will work in an elemental or wizards tribal deck build. For a blue and a red mana, you get a 2/2 flying elemental wizard with haste. I think Stormkin will see a fair amount of standard play because you typically have to pay three or four mana to get these abilities and stats on a creature.

Wizards completed the five mana elemental knight cycles with Cavalier of Gales.

Each of the knights has an enter the battlefield and death triggered ability, so they will be good in limited play. I don’t think we will see them in standard because five mana cards don’t generally see much play unless they are a planeswalker.

In the black planeswalker deck, Thirsting Bloodlord is an uncommon that gives other vampires +1/+1. At four mana for a 3/3 vampire the cost is a little high, but the lord ability may make it playable in a vampire tribal deck.

Two instants previewed have standard playability: Tale’s End and Brought Back.

Tale’s End reminds me of Disallow. Having the ability to counter an activated or triggered ability does not appear on many cards. It also can counter a legendary spell, giving it more playability. It cannot counter a general instant, sorcery, or creature spell, so it does have limitations, but with all the planeswalkers in standard, expect Tale’s End to see play in control decks.

Brought Back allows you to return two target permanent cards in your graveyard to the battlefield, if they were put there this turn. This is an ability we don’t see often in white. The double white mana cost makes in more difficult to cast, but it should work well in White Aggro decks as a counter to spot removal and board wipes. Bringing back from the graveyard a Benalish Marshall or Venerated Loxodon has great value for aggressive decks.

The final card for today is the last planeswalker from Core Set 2020: Vivien, Arkbow Ranger.

Vivien first card was from Core Set 2019 and saw significant play over the last year. Her latest card has the same potential to become a key card in green decks. The card has a combination of abilities we see on white and green planeswalkers. The +1 ability puts two +1/+1 counters on one or two creatures and gives them trample until the end of the turn. Many of the best green creatures do not have trample. The ability to give trample has significant value in standard. Her -3 ability has one of your creatures deal damage to an opponent’s creature or planeswalker. This gives you the ability to kill a planeswalker without having to attack it. Vivien’s final ability cost 5 loyalty, but it gives you the ability to get a creature from outside the game and put it in your hand. Getting a card from outside of the game typically comes in black. Vivien gives you the ability to stake your sideboard with powerful creatures that you can go get in the mid to late game to finish off an opponent.

That’s it for today. I expect to see more spoilers as the night continues, so check back for one more preview article.

Until next time, good luck finding your win condition.