Welcome to day 5 of Core Set 2020 spoilers review. Today’s previews were mostly commons with a few rare cards mixed in with the spoilers, so this will be a shorter review that yesterday.

My favorite rare of the day is Sephara, Sky’s Blade.

While the card clearly has commander in mind, I think it has standard playability in the right deck. Sephara’s alternate casting cost of tap four flying creatures and one white mana gives her the potential for standard play. Core Set 2020 has several new one mana flyers to go with those already in standard.

Playing an Azorius flyers deck with Sephara as the big payoff seems workable. She is a 7/7 flyer with lifelink and gives other creatures with flying indestructible. Without the alternate casting cost, she would only have limited playability. I expect someone to figure out a way to make her work in standard.

The best uncommon of the day was Tomebound Lich.

For a blue, a black, and a colorless mana you get a 1/3 Zombie Wizard with deathtouch and lifelink. I like it because of its card filtering ability. When Tomebound Lich enters the battlefield or deals combat damage to a player, draw a card, then discard a card. Any deck looking for card filtering may like this Lich.

From todays commons we have the second land cycle from Core Set 2020.

These lands are a reprint of Tarkir block lands. These lands enter the battlefield tapped but do have the upside of gaining you one life when they enter the battlefield. For newer players these will help them get a dual land with some upside rather than having to invest in shock lands or check lands.

That’s it for today. We should see a few more spoilers tomorrow from Mythic Championship III.