Welcome to day 4 of Core Set 2020 spoilers review. Today’s previews give support to the archetypes that Core Set 2020 is built around.

The mythic rare of the day is Omnath, Locus of the Roil.

We have a Temur commander that has standard playability. This is the third version of Omnath. It first appeared in Worldwake and later in Battle for Zendikar. Anyone trying to play elemental tribal will want Omnath because its enter the battlefield trigger does damage equal to the number of elementals you control to any target.

Omnath’s ability puts a +1/+1 counter on an elemental you control when you play a land. This will allow you to create one large elemental or make several elementals stronger. When you have eight lands on the battlefield, playing a land draws a card. This ability is less relevant in standard than in commander, but I see times when you will draw a few extra cards with Omnath late in the game.

Today, we got several rares that look standard playable. The first is Shifting Ceratops.

Marauding Raptor (the most busted care, so far from Core Set 2020) wants friends to play with and Ceratops fits the bill. Shifting Ceratops is a 5/4 dinosaur with upside. First, it can’t be countered. This makes it a sure thing to cast and it also has protection from blue. This protects it specifically from Teferi, so Gruul decks may want it as well for this ability. Finally, you can pay one green mana to give it reach, trample, or haste. This gives you the option of attacking with it on the turn that it enters the battlefield. Shifting Ceratops has the potential to be a star in standard.

The second rare of the day is Nightpack Ambusher.

We now have a wolf lord to play with all the new wolves from Core Set 2020 and from War of the Spark. Nightpack Ambusher gives each other Wolf or werewolf you control +1/+1 and has good stats as a 4/4 creature for four mana. It has added value with its flash ability. You can play a wolf on turn 2 and turn 3 to creates a wolf presence on the battlefield. Then later in the game cast Nightpack Ambusher when your opponent attacks and pump-up your blockers and give yourself an additional blocker. Finally, once it is on the battlefield you can create a 2/2 green Wolf creature token on your end step, if you did not cast a spell this turn. I do not anticipate that this ability will get much use, but late in the game when you top draw a land it’s a quality ability to have.

The third rare is Drawn from Dreams.

I am not 100% sold on Drawn from Dreams, but I think in control and ramp decks it makes sense to play. Paying four mana to draw two cards is not a good rate but looking at the top seven cards of your library in the mid-to-late game to find two pieces you want has the potential to be a knockout blow to your opponent.

The final rare of the day is Lotus Field.

This will see modern and standard play and might find its way into Legacy. Any land that gets you three mana must be worth playing. This is the second Lotus land printed. The first one saw play, so I don’t expect any difference with this version. Having hexproof protects it from cards like Assassins Trophy and Field of Ruin. The downside of having to sacrifice two lands and having Lotus Field enter the battlefield tapped makes the card potentially slow and that may limit its use to ramp and graveyard matters decks, but I see it as a good mana fixer for any multi-colored deck. Expect to see it played.

Of today’s uncommons, I think Cerulean Drake, Spectral Sailor, Woodland Champion, Bloody Aerialists, and Vampire of the Dire Moon are playable standard cards.

Cerulean Drake and Spectral Sailor fit nicely into blue decks. Both creatures have flying and a useful ability. The Drake has protection from red and can be sacrificed to counter a spell that targets you, so it can counter board wipes and hand disruption cards even with Teferi, Time Raveler in play because you are not casting a spell. Spectral Sailor has flash and can be used to draw additional cards in the late game. Neither is a bomb, but I expect for them to see standard play.

Woodland Champion was designed for token decks. Selesnya tokens has a new go to card. Most of the cards that create tokens do so at least two at a time, so you can expect Woodland Champion to become a big threat, if it does not get answered.

Yesterday I looked at the new Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord. Today Sorin get a couple of new vampires to work with in Bloodthirsty Aerialists and Vampire of the Dire Moon. For only one black mana, you get a vampire with deathtouch and lifelink in Vampire of the Dire Moon. Bloodthirsty Aerialist is a 2/3 flyer who will grow when you gain life. Together they have great synergy with Sorin’s +1 ability that gives a vampire a +1/+1 counter and lifelink. I can not wait to play these new vampires.

Finally, we got a great reprint in Steel Overseer.

The card is a Modern staple that sees play in Affinity decks. Getting the reprint will make the card more accessible and could find a standard home in an artifact matters decks.

That’s it for today look at today’s Core Set 2020 spoilers. Check back tomorrow night for more Core Set 2020 preview analysis.