Last night and this morning we got a bunch of interesting reprints and new cards.

The big reprint news is that Leylines are back. We got reprints of Leyline of the Void, Leyline of Sanctity, and Leyline of Anticipation with a new red card in Leyline of Combustion.


These cards see a lot of Modern play. Having them back in Core Set 2020 should help reduce their price making them more accessible for newer players. Any card that you can play without paying its casting cost is a great value. I expect all four to see at least standard sideboard play. With all the graveyard matters in standard, having Leyline of the Void prevents cards like Command the Dreadhorde and Tamiyo, Collector of Tales from getting cards back from the graveyard.

Leyline of Sanctity gives you hexproof and is a must have against Mono-Red decks. It makes a significant part of the Mono-Red plan unusable, this includes Chandra, Fire Artisan’s minus seven ability. Leyline of Anticipation gives your nonland cards flash. I’m not sure if it has a place in standard, but all your cards having flash makes for interesting play. Maybe Mono-Blue Tempo has a place for Leyline of Anticipation.

Finally, we have Leyline of Combustion, I can see it finding a home in Boros and other aggressive decks that do not protect their creatures well. This will make it hurt to take those creatures off the battlefield. I expect to see a green leyline in the coming days to complete the cycle.

The next set of cards were for commander players.


We have two new commanders in Kykar, Wind’s Fury and Kaalia, Zenith Seeker. Both cards have strong abilities that should make each of them popular build-arounds. Both have some standard playability. Kykar fits in a Jeskai spirits deck, but its 3/3 body makes it susceptible to removal by Lava Coil, Lightning Strike, and other burn spells. Kaalia works in decks that play angels, demons, and/or dragons. Having the ability to potentially get three cards from playing Kaalia is a great ability. It will be interesting to see what players come-up with in standard.

Two other cards from today fit nicely into commander decks.

Field of the Dead is an ideal commander land. The bonus of getting a 2/2 black zombie when you have seven or more lands with different names give mid-game value. I don’t see it finding a place in standard, because of the seven different land requirements.

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim is an ideal commander. Getting to search your library for a land is a solid enter the battlefield trigger. If you have the mana to activate his ability, Golos creates significant card and board advantage. Getting to cast three cards for only the activated cost sounds insane, if you get to use the ability multiple times. Also, because of his text, he is all five colors which allows you to play almost all the cards in mtg history.

My favorite uncommons of the day are Barkhide Troll, Blightbeetle, and Rule of Law.


Barkhide Troll is a 3/3 for 2 green mana with the ability to protect itself by removing a +1/+1 counter to gain hexproof. This will fit into green decks looking for a cheap early threat. With explore and proliferate in standard, having a way to shutdown your opponent’s ability to add additional counters makes Blightbeetle a solid sideboard option for decks playing black.

The final uncommon of note is Rule of Law, a reprint that prevents a player from casting more than one spell per turn. It sees Modern play in Affinity, Hardened Scales, and Boros Aggro. Having the ability to limit what your opponent does on a turn is a good ability that could find its way into standard with many decks wanting to play two or three spells per turn.

Today’s spoilers included three rares worth exploring in standard play.

Bishop of Wings costs 2 white mana for a 1/4 creature that has two abilities. Its four toughness makes it difficult to remove, so it is likely to stay on the board once you cast it. When an angel enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 4 life. With Angel of Vitality spoiled yesterday and a nice package of angels already in standard, I think Bishop of Wings is an easy inclusion in any angel deck. The cleric’s second ability provides a replacement for an angel that dies. You get to create a 1/1 white Spirit token with flying when one of your angels dies.

The second rare of note is Starfield Mystic. I think there is a place for Starfield Mystic in standard. Even though I think the community will view it as a miss for standard at this point. Mystic costs two mana for a 2/2 creature that makes enchantment spells cost one mana less to cast. This makes Starfield Mystic a good fit for White decks. Mono-White and Azorius Aggro decks currently play around ten enchantments. Having the ability to reduce the cost of Ixalan’s Binding or Conclave Tribunal makes it easier to cast other spells on the same turn that they get played. Another possible spot for the card is any deck playing Oath of Kaya. Esper Control decks like to bounce Oath of Kaya back to their hand with Teferi, Time Raveler, and this makes recasting Oath cheaper.

Finally, we have Flood of Tears. Flood of Tears returns all nonland permanents to their owner’s hand with the upside of allowing you to play a permanent, if you returned four or more permanents to your hand. This pairs well with Teferi, Time Raveler. Teferi’s plus one ability allows you play a sorcery as though it has flash, so you can play Flood of Tears on your opponent’s turn. This allows you to let your opponent make their plays for the turn then undo it all and get a threat out of your hand that can attack on your turn.

That’s a look at some of the best spoilers from today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more Core Set 2020 spoiler analysis.