Welcome to our first edition of daily Core Set 2020 previews. I will take a look at some of the best cards previewed each day.

Our first card of the day was Angel of Vitality.

Mono-White players rejoice. Angel of Vitality fits well into Mono-White decks. I want more flyers and this card gives you a flyer that can become a 4/4 when you have 25 life. I don’t think it will be difficult to activate this ability because with Vampire tokens from Legion’s Landing you should be able to gain a few life and a revitalize can do the rest. Thanks to Deathsie for the preview.

We also got our first planeswalker of the day with Ajani, Strength of the Pride

Another Ajani that gains life and produces threats. The turn you play Ajani you make an Ajani’s Pridemate token to protect Ajani then the next turn you begin using Ajani to gain life and make your Pridemate bigger. This works well with Angel of Vitality. You will get a minimum of three life the first time you activate the ability. I can see some Mono-White decks using these two cards as a build around. Thanks to MTG Arena promo email for the preview.

Wakeroot Elemental

“We Are Groot” {4}{G}{G} Creature — Elemental {G}{G}{G}{G}{G}: Untap target land you control. It becomes a 5/5 Elemental creature with haste. It’s still a land. 5/5

This elemental looks to pair with Nissa, Who Shakes the World. Paying five green mana to turn a second land into a 5/5 elemental is nice. I expect to see this in Nissa decks. Thanks to GameStar for the preview.

Creeping Trailblazer

Here is our Elemental lord card. Other elementals you control get +1/+0. This works well with the new Chandra, Acolyte of Flame because she creates elemental tokens and with Chandra, Novice Pyromancer because she gives elementals you control +2/+0 until the end of turn. By turn five you can be swinging for lethal damage with this combination. The card also gives you the ability to pump up Creeping Trailblazer each turn for 2RG. Trailblazer gets +1/+1 for each elemental you control. Based on what I have seen so far. There is a good chance that we will see a good elemental deck. Thanks to Grzegorz Kowalski for the preview.

Dread Presence

This may be the best card of the day. This card may make a Mono-Black deck work. The ability to take out an opponent’s creature or do direct damage and gain life is an insane ability. It also gives you the option of drawing an extra card each turn you play a swamp. This gives card advantage to black which we do not see often. Thanks to crokeyz for the preview.

Cryptic Caves

Our first new land of the set. Maybe a control deck would want to for late game card draw, but I see this as more of a limited card. Thanks to Marcio A Carvalho for the preview.

Chandra’s Regulator

This could get insane!!! Imagine using Chandra, Fire Artisan -7 ability and doing 14 damage to your opponent plus getting to draw fourteen cards. It works well with all the new Chandra cards and the ability to discard a mountain or red card and draw a card is a nice ability. This is not a four of in a Mono-Red Chandra deck, but as a two of it has potential. Thanks to Mark Rosewater for the preview.

Chandra’s Embercat

More Mono-Red acceleration. I love this cards ability to make elemental tribal work. This adds a second mana dork to Runaway Steam-Kin. Now you can get Chandra, Fire Artisan or Chandra, Awakened Inferno out even earlier in the game. I see myself playing four of these critters in Mono-Red Chandra. Runaway Steam-Kin Read Mark Rosewater’s article on Daily MTG for more info on the go wide Chandra theme. Thanks to Mark Rosewater for the preview.

The Buy-a-Box promo is Rienne, Angel of Rebirth

Angels and Elementals as themes in Core Set 2020? Rienne may find a nice top end spot in Naya Angel decks. The ability to give your multicolored creatures +1/+0 and the ability to return your multicolored creatures that die to your hand are great abilities. Thanks to Chris Gleeson for the preview.

Some other cards previewed by Daily MTG and Chris Gleeson.

We get reprints in Disfigure, Negate, and Thrashing Brontodon. The new cards are Corpse Knight and Flame Sweep. Corpse Knight’s ability to deal one damage to your opponent when a creature enters the battlefield under your control makes it a nice addition to creature based aggro decks. It might work in Mardu Aggro. Flame Sweep is a good removal card against aggro decks. It replaces Fiery Cannonade as a sideboard option. The fact that it protects flyers from the damage makes it work well with angel or dragon decks.

Empyrean Eagle

This might work well in Azorius decks that have a decent number of flyers. It is a good limited card. Thanks to Lee Shi Tian for the preview.

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa has two previews for us.

The first is a reprint of Unsummon. The second is a new uncommon, Ironroot Warlord. A five-toughness creature for three mana is nice. I see this card working in a Selesnya token deck and will see play in limited.

I hope you enjoyed our first look at Core Set 2020. Check back daily for more spoilers as they come out.