This weekend is Pre-Release weekend for Theros Beyond Death. Pre-Release is always an exciting time for all players in the Magic the Gathering community as a bunch of new cards are introduced to the world. It is particularly exciting for those who play standard, especially for the ones who played through Throne of Eldraine standard, as it was not exactly the best.

With new cards entering the format, it really shakes things up for Standard which means a better, hopefully healthier, format. A new set allows for a whole branch of decks to break into the fray as new cards are introduced. The format is fresh and open, which means it’s time to get brewing. I am going to take a look at a deck that had a moment in the spotlight, but then quickly faded out of favor, Boros Feather:

Theros Beyond Death Feather

Creatures: (18)
Alseid of Life’s Bounty
Tenth District Legionnaire
Hero of the Nyxborn
Feather, the Redeemed
Haktos the Unscarred

Instant and Sorceries: (18)
Gods Willing
Gird for Battle
Samut’s Sprint
Defiant Strike
Maximize Velocity

Artifacts: (2)

Lands: (22)
Fabled Passage
Castle Embereth
Sacred Foundry
Temple of Triumph
Sideboard: (15)
Banishing Light
Eidolon of Obstruction
Devout Decree
Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis
Unbreakable Formation

Shortly after War of the Spark was released Standard saw the first iteration of this aggro deck come and did reasonably well. However, the Introduction of “Field of the Dead” and “Kethis, the Hidden Hand” in Core 2020 almost immediately the deck out of the meta as it couldn’t keep up with the combo decks that were dominating the format.

So how does Boros Feather work?

Basically, the deck is looking to put out a threat and a Feather and maximize Feather’s ability where whenever you cast an instant or sorcery that targets a creature you control, exile it as you cast it and return it to your hand at end step. Sort of a pseudo Heroic ability. The cool thing about the deck is that it does not need Feather to win, since there are 12 “Heroic” creatures in your deck that all benefit from you targeting them with your spells. Tenth District Legionnaire was also found in the previous Feather lists and can provide card selection and a lot of power to an early board state, pressuring your opponent very early. In Theros Beyond Death, there are cards that help bring this deck back on the map.

The new additions:

Hero of the Nyxborn is a sweet new addition to this deck that I am excited to play with in both constructed and limited. It also has a Heroic like ability, that pumps your entire team whenever it gets targeted. With a Feather in play, this can get out of hand very quickly.

*note- a card that I took into consideration for this list that is also coming out in THB is Flicker of Fate. Being able to make 1/1s every turn, plus leaving up another way to protect your threat seems good, but the 2 mana seems a little hard on a deck that wants to be lower to the ground, so I am not 100% sold on it as of right now.

Alseid, Life’s Bounty is another new addition coming out of THB. Having access to protection from any color at instant speed seems very powerful. Yes, God’s Willing is already in this deck, but an ability is much harder to counter and keeping creatures alive is very important when it comes to Feather.

Shadowspear is a new artifact from THB that I am curious to try out and think the trample may come in handy in dense board states with no way to give protection to anything. Lastly, Haktos the Unscarred is a card that screams potential coming out of THB. Haktos is an off mix between Sanctum Prelate and True-Name Nemesis, which if anyone has played Legacy, both of the cards see lots of play and are very powerful. I am not sure just how this card will line up in Standard, but I fully expect it to be dominant. Resolving and untapping with Haktos means almost certain death for an opponent. It is very difficult to kill and provides a very fast clock. Haktos, is what I think, will put Feather back on the map in the Standard metagame.

The Sideboard:

Coming up with this sideboard is a little difficult as I am not a 100% sure where the meta will end up. THB has a reprint of one of my favorite cards, Banishing Light. A three-mana answer all is just perfect for a format that has been continuously producing three-mana hard to deal with threats.

Elspeth Sun’s Champion seems very well slated against control and midrange strategies as you can keep “flashing back” your Elspeth and immediately contribute to the board. Devout Decree and Disenchant are specifically there for Fires decks that are to be an almost auto-include when looking at the future Standard metagame.

Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded plus Fires of Invention is just ridiculous and letting anyone untap with both in play seems like certain death. Eidolon of Obstruction is a really cool new card from THB, another 2-mana hatebear that probably should have been printed in War of the Spark to be honest, but I am happy that it is here now. How good this card is going to be? I honestly don’t know, but turning a 3-mana Teferi, Time Raveler into a virtual 4-mana sounds really good to me. Lastly two Unbreakable Formation for sweepers.

I am excited to test this list out for week one Standard and hopefully you can be too.

Win Condition Games is hosting Pre-Release’s the weekend of 01/17/20 – 01/19/20 starting at 05:30 PM on Friday, the 17th. For the full Pre-Release Schedule, go to listed under the events tab.

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