Things tend to get a bit scarier in October. This includes many people’s Commander decks. If you’re the type who likes to add a bit more flavor to your decks, take a look below for some lesser-known gems that will really terrify your opponents.


It’s easy to stumble into Innestrad and find a brain-devouring zombie or a bloodthirsty vampire. But the cute, cuddly inhabitants of Llorwyn have plenty of their own terrors. Behold the River Kelpie.


At first blush, this pudgy beast looks like just about any other creature, but that’s what it wants you to think. Kelpie’s are actually terrifying Scottish demons:

The kelpie may appear as a tame pony beside a river. It is particularly attractive to children – but they should take care, for once on its back, its sticky magical hide will not allow them to dismount! Once trapped in this way, the kelpie will drag the child into the river and then eat him.

You don’t want to mess with this guy on the table either. River Kelpie is an amazing value engine that can give a boost to a variety of different Commander decks:


Your average, run of the mill vampire is pretty terrifying. But compared to Mephidross Vampire, those other guys seem to sparkle.

Who cares about vampires with sharp fangs when there is a guys that runs around with giant needles for fingers, and drains your blood through surgical tubing. The fact that he makes your other creatures vampires only adds to the nightmare.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

All the New Phyrexian Praetor’s are pretty frightening, but if Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite does keep you awake a night you’ve never had her played against you (or seen Hellraiser).

Ms. Norn completely dominates the board when she hits play, even in formats like Modern. Just imagine what she can do in a format like Commander:


Don’t just assemble your monstrous masterpiece, bring it to battle. Win Condition Games in Kennesaw runs Commander leagues nights every Wednesday and Friday. So stop on in, pick up your missing pieces, and find out who truly is the most terrifying Commander player.