Hames’ Take on Grixis Death’s Shadow Locks in the First Invite to the WCG Cup

Congratulations to James Hames for winning the January Win Condition Cup qualifier. His Grixis Death’s Shadow plowed through a diverse Modern field, and let him walk away with $250 in cash and a guaranteed spot in the December Win Condition Cup Invitational where he’ll be one of 24 players taking their shot at the $3000 cash prizes and bragging rights among the top Magicians in the Atlanta area.




Don’t Miss Your Shot

Your next chance to qualify for the WCG Cup is coming up on Saturday, February 17th – and this time, we’re playing Standard. So sleeve up your Scarab Gods, your vehicles, or whatever spicy tech you’ve been dreaming up and take your place among Atlanta’s best.

Even you don’t win it all, you are still working your way toward an invite. Just for playing, you’ll earn Cup series points. The better you play, the more points you’ll earn. At the end of the season, the top 12 point getters without an invite will get a chance to play in the invitational too.