Friday Night is always the best night of the week for Magic at Win Condition Games in Kennesaw – but this week, we’ve got something special planned. As part of the lead up to the Star City Games Atlanta Open this weekend, WCG is hosting The Metagame Gurus for a night of gunslinging.

So come and join us for Friday Night Magic. We’re still hosting all our regular events – with our amazing payouts. But this week, you’ll also have a chance to challenge a member of Team MGG. If you win you’ll walk away with some great prizes like deck cases from BCW.

Our weekly FNM payouts stay the same:

$5 entry fee for constructed and $13 entry fee for draft.

Contsructed Prize Payout:
4-0 $50
3-0-1 $38
3-1 $25
2-2 a standard pack

The Metagame Gurus took the Star City Tour by storm when their Bant Company deck placed 1st, 10th, and 11th at the Baltimore open in 2016. That deck went onto define the metagame, and the team continued their success. Anchored by Magic personalities like Jim Davis, Ben Friedman, and the Jessup brothers, Team MGG has been a dominating force on the SCG Tour. Don’t miss your chance to take on the best – and walk away with great prizes.