Every night of the week, our tables are full of the best gamers in the Atlanta area competing in the best games. Whether you are a competitive player looking to dominate the competition, or a casual gamer looking to test out your newest creation, Win Condition Games is the place for you. Check our weekly events calendar below:

2018 Events Schedule

Modern Magic + Free Pizza 7:30 PM
Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced + Free Pizza 7:30 PM
Netrunner Game Night (bi-weekly) 7:30PM
Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League 7:30PM
Warhammer 40k 7:00PM

Pokemon League 6:00PM
Pokemon Free Tournament 7:00PM
Standard Magic 7:30 PM
Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard 7:30PM
Warhammer Fantasy (Age of Sigmar) 7:00PM

Commander Structured Play 7:30 PM
Gunpla Miniature Models Club 7:30 PM
Warhammer Wednesdays 7:00PM
Dungeon’s & Dragons Adventurer’s League 7:30PM

Casual Magic Night (pack per win!) 7:30 PM
Yu-Gi-Oh Advanced 7:30 PM
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Doubles) 8:00 PM
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Singles) 9:00 PM

FNM Standard 7:30 PM
FNM Modern 7:30 PM
FNM Draft 7:30 PM
Friday Commander 7:00 PM
Dungeon’s & Dragons Adventurer’s League 7:30PM
Warhammer Free Play 7:00PM

Pokemon League Play 6:00 PM
Pokemon Free Tournament 7:00 PM
Cardfight Vanguard 6:00PM
Dungeon’s & Dragon’s Adventurer’s League 7:00PM
Special events including IQ’s, Legacy Monthlies, GPTS, WCG Cup Qualifiers and PPTQs

Pauper Monthly (1st Sunday) 1:00PM
Legacy Monthly (Last Sunday) 1:00PM
Pokemon Competitive Tournament 3:00PM
Magic Standard Showdown 5:00PM
Weiss Schwarz Neo-Standard 5:30PM
Dungeon’s & Dragons Adventurer’s League 7:00PM
Open Board Game Meet & Play ALL DAY